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    Garden Newsletter – March 17

    The latest news and information from the Garden

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    Garden Newsletter – February 16

    Upcoming dates to note in your diary…

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    Carmarthenshire Outdoor Schools: Year 2

    After the success of the first year of Carmarthenshire Outdoor Schools we have opened the scheme to other schools in the county and we have 8 schools that are looking to get involved in the 2016/17 academic year! These schools have been invited to meet with our pilot schools that will now be acting as […]

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    Carmarthenshire Outdoor Schools: our first celebration event

    Carmarthenshire’s first Outdoor Schools

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    If you go down to the woods today…

    Reports are coming in thick and fast on the evidence of some new residents at the Garden.

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    Carmarthenshire Outdoor Schools: getting started

    Once the four pilot schools were identified as Carmarthenshire’s first Outdoor Schools I met with the Headteachers of each of them to go over them what is expected of them as an Outdoor School and how to make a start on the road to becoming ambassadors for the initiative in Carmarthenshire. The four schools that became our pilot […]

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