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    New Lichen Exhibition Planned for 2021

    The Stitching Botanical group are to depict this fascinating symbiotic lifeform

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    Loving Lichens – A simplified introduction

    Lichens – those strangely coloured crusty\hairy\mushy organisms on trees or rocks. What are they and what are they for? I want to know, but where do I begin? This is a path I’ve started on many times over the years, perhaps getting as far as Wikipedia or even pulling out one of my old ID […]

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    Tree Lichens

    When Bruce first suggested that survey for Tree Lichens, the first questions I asked were, what do they do and what function do they perform in the eco-system?  We didn’t really know, so we did what we always do, we Googled.  And this is what we found. ‘Lichens account for approximately 8 percent of the […]

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