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    Live fast, die young – Atlas moths are very rock and roll

    “Bruce, you’ve got to come down here”. This is Carl Holmes, our ace horticulturalist who has overseen the transformation of our Tropical House into the crowd puller that is Plas Pilipala. He’s on the Garden’s walkie talkie and he sounds excited. “Are you going to tell me about the Atlas moths Carl?” I’d already seen […]

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    Autumn at Plas Pilipala

    We’re very much in the spirit of the season at Plas Pilipala and there’s plenty to see this autumn. Although, you may want to take off your woolly hat as you come in.

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    First Steps: A Science Placement Student

    Find out what the next generation of Science interns have been up to in their first few weeks at the Garden

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    Plas Pilipala: butterfly biscuits

    It’s hard not to take inspiration from the beautiful patterns and designs on display in our butterfly house, Plas Pilipala. And if the creation is edible, even better.

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    Plas Pilipala: the swallowtails

    Unlike our well behaved Glasswing guests, who eat an acceptable portion of Cestrum leaf before pupating, the Papilio or swallowtail caterpillars gorge themselves on an alarming amount of Citrus.

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    Plas Pilipala: our Glasswings

    We’ve had the butterflies populating Plas Pilipala since the start of July, and they’ve already gone through one cycle of egg laying, to caterpillars, to pupa, and back to butterflies.

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