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    The Great Glasshouse in Winter – South Africa

    As part of a series of blogposts looking at Great Glasshouse plants in flower in winter, we now take a look at flowers from the Cape Floristic Region of South Africa

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    Don’t miss the Great Glasshouse at its brilliant best

    April-May is the best time to see the mediterranean climate zone plants in Lord Foster’s Great Glasshouse at their blooming best

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    Welsh Stitchers Make South Africa Bloom

    A stunning new artwork is due to be unveiled in the Science Centre at the National Botanic Garden of Wales on Friday 18th March, 2016.

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    First frosts arrive but it’s still a great time to visit

    I thought I would start this blog by giving you an insight into life as a trainee horticulturist at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. I feel blessed to come to work here every day (and I am not being paid to say that!) A little information about me: my name is Rebecca (aka Dave) […]

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