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    The busy business of volunteering in retirement

    A post-doctoral study is being undertaken on Garden volunteers

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    Volunteering Opportunities – Middleton: Paradise Regained

    New volunteering opportunities at the Garden

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    Bad Day for Field Voles

    Last week, Keith Crowden, one of the Garden’s wildlife volunteers came face to face with the barn owl

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    Otterly great news

    After many years of trying, we have our first photo and film of an otter here in the Garden

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    The Gwyns of Gwempa

    The Gwyns came to Gwempa around the beginning of the seventeenth century. After four generations, complications arose involving an heir’s premature death, a grandfather’s Will and an unwilling eldest grandson. An Act of Parliament was needed to ratify the succession. Thomas Gwyn, by then married to Elizabeth Middleton, inherited the Estate along with considerable financial responsibilities.

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    Butterflies Attract the Crowds

    The Postman, Mormons, Sara Longwing and Julia have been attracting a lot of interest in the Garden.

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