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  1. Red-tailed bumblebee

    Red-tailed bumblebee

    Bombus lapidarius

    The red-tailed bumblebee is common across the UK and it can be found in many different environments.…

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  2. Common carder bee

    Common carder bee

    Bombus pascuorum

    The common carder bee is a common ginger bumblebee that can be found in lots of different environmen…

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  3. Buff-tailed bumblebee

    Buff-tailed bumblebee

    Bombus terrestris

    The buff-tailed bumblebee is a common species that can be found in lots of different environments, s…

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  4. Tree bumblebee

    Tree bumblebee

    Bombus hypnorum

    The tree bumblebee is a common bumblebee that is found in a variety of environments in spring and su…

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  5. Wool carder bee

    Wool carder bee

    Anthidium manicatum

    The wool carder bee is a species of ground-nesting solitary bee. It is quite large and has distinc…

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  6. Red mason bee

    Red mason bee

    Osmia bicornis

    The red mason bee are little solitary bees which tend to nest in cavities in walls or in solitary be…

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