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  1. Peacock


    Aglais io

    The peacock is a large, common butterfly, with very distinctive, colourful eyespots that are meant t…

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  2. Small Tortoiseshell

    Small Tortoiseshell

    Aglais urticae

    The small tortoiseshell is a common, medium-sized butterfly that can be seen for most of the year. …

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  3. Large White

    Large White

    Pieris brassicae

    The large white is a common, large butterfly that can be seen in spring and summer. Adult females l…

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  4. Red Admiral

    Red Admiral

    Vanessa atalanta

    The Red Admiral is a common, large butterfly species with very distinctive markings. The undersides…

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  5. Meadow Brown

    Meadow Brown

    Maniola jurtina

    The meadow brown is a medium-sized, common butterfly that can be seen flying quite low to the ground…

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  6. Speckled Wood

    Speckled Wood

    Pararge aegeria

    The speckled wood is a medium-sized butterfly, and it can be seen in a few different environments, s…

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