Cake and Plant Sale

How to book

There’s a chance to bag a botanic bargain and a tasty slice of cake at our Plant and Bake Sale on Friday 20 September.

This fundraising event takes place just inside the Garden near the main public entrance – nice and close to the car park so not too far to carry your purchases back to the car.

The aim is to raise money to fund curator Will Ritchie’s botanical expedition to Vietnam, where he will be working with other UK gardens and local partners to make conservation assessments and carry out sustainable seed collection.

Will’s team will be exploring the mountainous Ha Giang province of Vietnam, home to many species found nowhere else on the planet. Endemic magnolias, rhododendrons and conifers are increasingly rare and exist in small isolated groups there. These rarities are vulnerable due to many ecological pressures such as habitat loss and climate change. Conservation action is urgently needed to prevent these species from becoming extinct.

So, come along to our Plant and Bake Sale to help us try and save the threatened plant species of Vietnam.

For more information, call 01558 667148 or email