Art and Craft

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  1. Welly Wednesday

    • Wednesday 17 July 2019
    • 11am to 12pm

    Welly Wednesday features an hour of fun, outdoor activities, storytelling and exploring for pre-schoolers during term time.

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  2. Drawing with colour with Genevieve Caminade

    Art in the Great Glasshouse

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  3. Exhibition: Annette Marie Townsend – ‘For Safekeeping’

    Wax botanical sculptures of wildflowers and original drawings on copper plates of preserved insect specimens from a museum collection.

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  4. Hwyl y yr Ardd – Fun in the Garden

    • Tuesday 30 July 2019
    • 10am to 4pm

    Our fun-filled Hwyl yn yr Ardd event for all the family is back again!

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  5. Willow – Sculpture

    Make a wonderful willow sculpture.

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