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  1. Middleton Folk

    Middleton Folk – Explore our costume and embroidery exhibition inspired by people from the estate.

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  2. I Spy Lichen Exhibition

    Members of Stitching Botanical have created this Welsh Lichen Textile exhibition to show the colour, diversity, design sources and fun to be had searching for this intriguing lifeform

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  3. A Regency Christmas

    • Saturday 4 December 2021
    • 11am to 3pm

    Join us as we celebrate a ‘Regency Christmas’ here at the Botanic Garden.

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  4. Exhibition: Of Foresters, Farmers and Fish – Tales from the Wildwoods of the Old and New World

    This international art-geoscience print exchange explores culture-nature ambiguities from a New and Old-World perspective, by bringing together artists and scientists from Australia and Wales.

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