Exhibition: Cross-pollination

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Contemporary artists from across Wales create indoor and outdoor responses to the plight of pollinating insects both in Wales and across the world.

Intensive farming, habitat destruction, biodiversity loss and climate change across the world has resulted in a widespread decline of pollinators. There is evidence to suggest that the ways in which pollinators are perceived and valued has significant implications for their conservation. This project, Cross-pollination, will provide the opportunity for artists, art researchers, scientists, environmental linguists, specialists in economic evaluation of biodiversity and environmental decision makers to share ideas, discuss values, and develop strategies for inter-disciplinary research and dissemination, with a particular focus on pollination decline.

Cross -pollination -Revaluing Pollinators through Arts and Science Collaboration is an Arts and Humanities Research Council funded Networking project that aims to bring Art and Science together to produce creative art projects that explore and promote the crisis facing pollinators and to influence policy decision making.
Additional funding has been provided by the Arts Council of Wales, to enhance the art work production and to increase the impact of the project.

The project is led by the University of Wales Trinity Saint David in partnership with Aberystwyth University and the National Botanic Garden of Wales. The ultimate aim is to contribute towards the protection of our pollinators

Oriel Yr Ardd Gallery

Bee Line- Andrea Liggins and Alex Roberts
Fragile Traces- Carly Wilshere
Glass Bees – Tyra Oseng-Rees
Hoverflies and Bio-mimicry Masquerades – Karen Ingham
Signals – Shelley Doolan
When Less is More –Karen Ingham
Buzzing Machine- Paul Jeff and Dan Butler

Petal – Sarah Tombs

Apothecary Hall windows & Performance Stage

Shimmer Wall & Artifice – Daniel Trivedy

Plas Pilipala Butterfly House

Wings –Jax Robinson

Double Walled Garden

Ethereal Vessels – Sarah Tombs
Hoverflies and Forgotten Landscapes –Andrea Liggins
Bee Sculpture –Myles Mansfield

Great Glasshouse

Guest project: Every Last Mouthful – Pamela Martin and Peter Chatwin

Around the Garden during August

Phenomenology of Colour – Catrin Webster, Artist in Residence,