Exhibition: Through the Lens

How to book

Stitching Botanical is a volunteer stitching group at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. We create vibrant textile pieces to explain data, enhance exhibits and engage with visitors and staff on a variety of exciting projects. Our first exhibition, ‘Plant Pharmacy Patchwork’, is currently on show in the Apothecary’s Hall whilst our display on the ‘The Habitats of Wales’ is on the walls of our Seasons’ Restaurant.

‘Through the Lens’, our 2020 exhibition, was inspired by our study of pollen grains and bee anatomy using microscopes, during the creation of the giant  ‘Honeybee Broodframe’.

Some of our group have also created their textile art having considered the world around them through many types of lens – kaleidoscope , camera, microscope and sharp eyes!

New members are always welcome and anyone wishing to join the Stitching Botanical group should contact volunteer coordinator Jane Down at jane.down@gardenofwales.org.uk or call 01558 667118 for details.