Forest Bathing – August 16th

  • Tuesday 16 August 2022
  • 10:30am to 12:30pm

Forest bathing is the process of slowly and mindfully immersing your senses in the forest, beneath the tree canopy. It is a practice with its roots in Japan, where the practice of “Shinrin-yoku” began in the 1980s to tackle burnout among workers.

Forest bathing has been scientifically proven to have transformational impacts on both our mental and physical wellbeing. From reducing stress and anxiety to increasing concentration and creativity, research has shown that the benefits of reconnecting with nature are wide-ranging.

A forest bathing session involves a guided, mindful walk amongst the trees. What sets forest bathing apart from hiking is that the pace is slow, the distance is not very far, and the intention is to reconnect with nature and ourselves.

During the walk, the forest bathing guide will guide participants through a series of mindful invitations, such as focusing on their different senses and becoming more aware of their surroundings. At various points throughout the session, participants will also be invited to pause, sit and reflect. These practices help to move people out of their own minds and into the environment around them.

A forest bathing session ends with an informal tea ceremony with herbal tea and some snacks. It’s a lovely way to bring the session to a close, share some highlights together and begin the transition out of the forest and back into everyday life.

Find out more about the benefits of forest bathing and how to book here.


Rebecca Perkins is a certified forest bathing guide and founder of Forest Connections. Rebecca also has 15 years of experience as a well-being and resilience coach, author and facilitator, supporting people with their mental health.

Like many people, Rebecca has had spells of depression and anxiety throughout her life and has experienced first-hand the power nature has to heal both our mind and body.

As a forest bathing guide, Rebecca works with individuals, groups and organisations who may be in need of reconnecting with nature, to themselves and to something even bigger.