I Spy Lichen Exhibition

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For its size, Wales may have the most diverse lichen population on Earth.

So it’s vital role for the National Botanic Garden of Wales to help our visitors understand and care for this amazing and complex life-form. We’re lucky to have a large variety of naturally occurring lichen here to help us – the clean air, and large variety of trees and rock surfaces means that over 200 lichen species have so far been recorded here.

Lichen is not a single organism, but rather a community – they are made up of a fungus which provide the structure, and algae or cyanobacteria which do the photosynthesis. They reproduce by producing spores, or vegetatively by bits dropping off and growing elsewhere.

Members of Stitching Botanical have created this Welsh Lichen Textile exhibition to show the colour, diversity, design sources and fun to be had searching for this intriguing lifeform.

The group would like to thank Wales-based lichenologist Theresa Greenaway for her help and support. 

I Spy Lichen Sketchbook

This amazing artist sketchbook was created by Brenda Dayson and shows her research, exploration, design and preparation for her beautiful embroideries for the ‘ I Spy Lichen’ exhibition at The National Botanic Garden of Wales. The superb photographs of lichen were taken by Theresa Greenaway and generously shared for our Stitching Botanical members to study and work from.