Nordic Walking

  • Fri 20 May to Fri 05 Aug 2022
  • 10:15am to 2:30pm
How to book

We are very excited to have Nordicymru, a local Nordic walking business offering instruction right here at the Botanic Garden. Take a look at Catrin’s website for more information and to book your place.

Available Classes –

  • Beginner Workshop – 1hr 15mins
  • Regular Walks – 1hr

Whether this is completely new to you, or if you are already a Nordic walker looking for a local group or to improve your technique, contact Catrin.


  1. Everyone can try it – As Nordic Walking is based on the natural movements of walking, it’s a very accessible activity that people with different fitness levels can share.
  2. Mental wellbeing – The positive connection between exercise and reducing stress and anxiety is well known. Add to that being outdoors in nature along with the social aspect of Nordic Walking and you can see how it adds up to a winning combination.
  3. Using the great Nordic Walking pole technique will burn more calories than walking without poles.
  4. Stay healthy – Nordic Walking exercises 90% of your muscles.
  5. Reduces joint impact – by using the specifically designed poles, Nordic Walking minimises joint impact, making it great for prolonged activity, or if recovering from too much running.