Our Restoration Revealed

The Regency Restoration Project was a five-year project and the Garden’s largest project since it opened in 2000.  Its aim was to restore the features of Regency landscape, created in the late 18th and early 19th century for Sir William Paxton and depicted by artist Thomas Hornor in a series of paintings in 1815. The project has restored lakes once obscured by saplings to the resplendent bodies of water that you see today. New ornate bridges, a roaring waterfall and dramatic cascades make the landscape a must-see.

Throughout each step of the restoration, volunteers from the Dinefwr Photographic Society have been on-site to photograph the process. From the initial clearing of the lakes to the final installation of the bridges, this talented team have captured the transformation of the landscape.

This exhibition celebrates their amazing work and reveals the journey of the restoration process.

Included in this exhibition are maps and drawings from each stage of the design and construction process.

This exhibition is in Oriel yr Ardd situated next to Siop Botanica in the Stable Block.