Outdoor Play Station

  • Sat 29 Aug to Sun 20 Sep 2020
  • 10am to 6pm
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Have fun exploring some of the outdoor highlights of the Botanic Garden.

The Outdoor Play Station is designed to help you and your family have fun while learning a little bit about the Botanic Garden and nature. It may take you to some places you have never visited before!

There are 10 sites – just look for the Outdoor Play Station sign that will suggest an activity at each site.

Download the map to help you find the Outdoor Play Station sites.

1. Fungi

This is a good woodland to look for wild mushrooms – fungi.  Fungi mainly come out in late summer and autumn so now is a good time to look for them. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Location: Aqualab Woods

2. Welsh Trees

Look at the young trees on the right side of the path. These all grow naturally in Wales – trees on the other side grow naturally in China.

Activity – Can you match these leaf shapes to the trees that grow naturally in Wales?

Oak /Birch/ Hazel/Rowan/Field Maple

Location: Arboretum

3. Silent Space

You’re about to enter a Silent Space.

Activity – Instead of talking, come in and listen to nature. We challenge you to listen carefully and identify 10 different sounds. It could be the quack of ducks, the splosh of a fish, the mooing of a distant cow, the buzz of a bee, the chatter of people. Whatever it is, you’ll be surprised how many sounds you’ll hear.

Location: Llyn Canol/Wild Garden

4. Tarw the Welsh Black Bull by Sally Mathews 

Welsh Black cattle help us to conserve wildflowers on our Waun Las National Nature Reserve.

Activity – Impress your friends with your bravery – have yourself photographed next to this magnificent beast of a sculpture. Even better, go and have a look for real Welsh Black cattle on our Waun Las NNR, just down the hill from here. You might even see them in the field opposite to here.

Location: Wild Garden

5. Sleeping Tree

If you fancy a lie down, look for the Dahoma tree in the Ghost Forest. Ghanaian hunters and farmers use the big spaces among its roots to crawl into and sleep. Dahoma in Ghana is translated as Da = sleep; Ho = there; Ma = provides or gives.

Activity – Climb into the sleeping hole and pretend you’re a tired hunter. Try and make a really loud snore.

Location: Ghost Forest 

6. Fairy Woods

Inside these woods, you’ll discover a colourful mix of fairy houses, secret fairy doors, spooky tree eyes and even fairy washing lines. Keep your eyes and ears peeled and you might even spot a fairy or two…

Activity – How many fairy houses can you find?

Find a post box and send a letter to the fairies (you could send them a lovely twig if you haven’t got anything to write with)

Location: Fairy Woods

7. Dewi The Dragon by Will Holland

Some people think this dragon flew down here after visiting Llyn y Fan Fach, the lake on Carmarthenshire’s Black Mountain where, legend has it, a lady of the lake taught local the secrets to medicinal herbs.

Activity – Go and whisper a wish into the ear of Dewi – if he doesn’t fly away your wish might come true. Be careful – the dragon has a lot of sharp edges and points.

Location: Stable Block Lawn

 8. Preseli Stone Circle by Darren Yeadon

These are Preseli bluestone rocks from Pembrokeshire – the same type of stone that forms a ring inside Stonehenge. The ancient Celtic people believed Preseli bluestones had healing qualities.

Activity – If you want to feel some the positive energy coming out of these stones, don’t touch but choose the stone that most appeals to you. Put your hands about 3cm from the stone, feel the vibrations coming from the stone and say the ancient Welsh phrase ‘rho nerth i mi’ Does that make you feel better?

Location: Broadwalk

9. Growing the Future

We grow lots of fruit and veg in this garden. They grow really well in the rich compost that we make ourselves. Is there anywhere at home that you could try growing fruit and veg yourself?

Activity – Can you find blonde cucumbers, yellow tomatoes, purple runner beans, yellow courgettes and Kiwi fruit?

Location: GTF Garden

10. Script Lichen

There’s a tree trunk in this Springwoods that is covered in a lichen that looks like the tree fairies have written all over it. Lichen is a life form that is made up of a fungus and an alga sharing the same body.

Activity – Can you find the script lichen? It’s next to one of the paths. What do you think the words say?

Location:  Springwoods