Exhibition: Peter Roy Wiles – Between Capricorn and Cancer

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Roy Wiles is a retired University lecturer with an interest in ecology and tropical freshwater organisms. He has named over 100 new species of water-mites described in scientific papers. He has travelled widely in tropical rainforests on scientific expeditions and with students on field courses since 1984.

He has looked back at his earlier adventures recorded in notebooks, letters and 35mm Kodachrome photographs and has made drawings of some of the places, people, forests and animals that captured his imagination.

The Garden’s Head of Science Dr. Natasha De Vere first made contact with Roy Wiles whilst carrying out research in Indonesia. She was using her expertise in DNA barcoding to help Danau Girang Field Centre in Borneo create a genetic database of its forest trees. This will help assessments of the health of forest regeneration in area devastated by the impact of oil palm deforestation.

Stories and further information that accompany the pictures on display can be found in the ring binder in the gallery and on his website roywiles.com.

A limited number of prints of the drawings are available in the shop. Original drawings and prints (unframed) can also be purchased from the website.