Young Archaeologists’ Club

  • Saturday 3 August 2019
  • 10am to 12pm
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YAC at the Garden Timetable for 2019 – Roman Wales


Saturday May 4th

Use computers and the internet to find out what we already know about Roman archaeology in the Tywi Valley. This will include searching the national archaeology databases, examining old maps, and viewing aerial imagery.


Saturday June 1st

After learning about Roman forts, design your own, and decide where in the Tywi Valley you would choose to build it. You will use aerial videos, other aerial imagery, historic maps and known Roman sites in the Tywi Valley to help you make a good choice!


Saturday July 6th

Learn about what happened to Pompeii when it was destroyed by the volcano, Vesuvius, and find out what life was like there and in other Roman towns. Paint your own wall fresco, and play Roman musical statues.


Saturday August 3rd

Visit to Carmarthen (Moridunum) Roman amphitheatre for dressing up, play acting, military drill re-enactment and more.


Saturday September 7th

Use Roman numerals and the Latin alphabet to crack codes and find buried treasure (location TBC). We will also be taught how to use metal detectors by some experts, who will also show us some of the exciting things they have found in the past.


Saturday October 5th

Learn about and practice Geophysics – see beneath the soil using magnetism and resistivity. Fun activities using magnetism and electrical circuits.


Saturday November 2nd

Trip to a potential Roman site in the Tywi Valley (location TBC) to carry out real Geophysics with the help of a professional archaeological team.


Saturday December 7th

Roman Wales fancy-dress party. Try a variety of activities that Roman people would have enjoyed, including board games, weaving and eating.


Dates To Be Confirmed for the following activities:

May – Full day visit to Castell Henllys – A hillfort in Pembrokeshire where part of the village has been reconstructed.   In the Iron Age round houses and other buildings you can experience how many of the native Welsh people lived during Roman times.  There will be plenty to do and a nice cafe.  See info and pictures at  You must book places for this trip by email or phone.


July – A full day of activities about the archaeology of Roman Wales and the archaeology of the National Botanic Garden of Wales


September – Full day visit to Caerleon to see the Roman remains and visit the National Roman Legion Museum.   See info and pictures at  You must book places for this trip by email or phone.


For more information on the Young Archaeologists Club  or to book your space email Alice Day –