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    From eight to (nearly) eight hundred: an update on honey sampling from around the UK

    Laura Jones, a PhD researcher at the Garden, asked for honey samples from beekeepers around the UK. Here’s a run down on the labwork so far.

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    Plants for pollinators – creating pollinator friendly seed mixes for gardens and urban green spaces

    Meet Lucy Witter, one of our new PhD students creating pollinator friendly seed mixes at the Botanic Garden.

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    Introduction to our newest PhD student, Abigail Lowe!

    There are a lot of exciting things occurring up in the science department at the moment, with two PhD students starting recently amongst them. Here’s an introduction of one of our newest projects by Abigail Lowe, a student who is no stranger to the Garden.

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    Farming for Biodiversity at the Botanic Garden – what local and national collaboration can achieve

    With recent political pronouncements about farming for biodiversity, is the Garden’s farm providing inspiration for others?

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    Finding the Bees Knees!

    Helped by Master Beekeeper Stephen Davies, we look at the detail of the honey bee on a new level!

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    Growing the Future Job Opportunities

    We are embarking on a five-year project to champion Welsh horticulture, protect wildlife and extol the virtues of growing plants for food, fun, health and well-being. 

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