Galanthus spp.

Visible now

We have a mile of snowdrops stretching from our Lower Broadwalk, along our Lakeside walks and across to Springwoods.

A few years ago, one of horticulturists called Daryl, planted a heart shape of snowdrops in a small copse along the Broadwalk. It’s a bit hard to see now but can you make it out?

In 2019, we have some exciting  snowdrop cultivars – many can be found in Springwoods.

Galanthus ‘Lady Beatrix Stanley’  You should check out this gorgeous double chubby chick, with her delicate green flicks on the bottoms of her petticoats.

G. plicatus ‘Trym’

G. elwesii var. monostictus

G. ‘S. Arnott’ or ‘Sam Arnott’

G. byzantinus ‘Augustus’

G. x hybridus ‘Merlin’ – it’s got an almost totally green trumpet!

G. elwesii Hiemalis Group