Welsh language

It is the policy of the National Botanic Garden of Wales that the Welsh language is treated no less favourably than English. Where possible we try to promote the use of Welsh, and we encourage our visitors, staff and volunteers to use Welsh, whether they are fluent or whether they are learning the language.

Section 44 of the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 confers on the Garden a duty to comply with the Welsh Language Standards as set out in its Compliance Notice, and we have developed a Welsh Language Policy that sets out how we will work to ensure full compliance. The relevant documents are available to download:

Our most recent Welsh Language Annual Report can be downloaded from here.


We welcome feedback on all areas of the Garden. If you feel we are not meeting any of the Welsh Language Standards, or that we are failing to implement our policy, please contact the Garden’s Compliance Officer, gruffydd.thomas@gardenofwales.org.uk or write to:

National Botanic Garden of Wales,
Middleton Hall,
Carmarthenshire SA32 8HG

You are welcome to write in Welsh or in English.

When we receive a complaint we endeavour, where necessary and possible, to rectify the situation immediately, and we will always investigate to see whether our policies, systems or training need to improve. All complaints are passed to the Garden’s Compliance Officer who works with staff in the relevant departments to ensure that any necessary changes are made.