Conserving plants and fungi

The National Botanic Garden of Wales is actively helping to conserve wild plants, fungi and habitats, both in Wales and further afield.

We contribute to the long-term survival of some of the most endangered plants throughout Wales through an integrated conservation programme. Our work considers all levels of biodiversity, from genes to whole plants, and from species to ecosystems. Working both in the Garden and in the natural habitat, we contribute to effective, integrated conservation advice for these threatened plants.

The combined resources of a conservation genetics lab, extensive horticultural expertise, a National Seed Bank and a National Nature Reserve, allows us to provide an evidence base for the effective conservation of Wales’ most threatened plants, fungi and their habitats.

DNA barcoding plant species is a key research focus for the Garden and our plant DNA barcoding expertise is recognised internationally. We made Wales the first nation in the world to DNA barcode all of its native flowering plants, providing an open access resource for researchers globally.