For plants, pollinators and people

The National Botanic Garden of Wales is dedicated to the research and conservation of biodiversity. We contribute internationally to plant DNA barcoding and are a national asset for plant, fungi and pollinator research.

The Garden represents an exciting resource for researchers with over 5,000 plant taxa in the botanic garden, including a collection of threatened Welsh plants, and a valuable mix of grassland habitats within Waun Las National Nature Reserve.

Our Science Centre contains a molecular lab, dedicated to DNA barcoding and conservation genetics research, a National Seed Bank, as well as our library, archives and herbarium.

We work in the Garden, in our Waun Las National Nature Reserve, and in threatened habitats throughout the UK and internationally. Biodiversity occurs at three levels, from genes, to species, to ecosystems and we work at all of these levels to help conservation.

Collaboration is vital: we work with universities, research institutes, botanic gardens, plant conservation charities and government bodies to develop effective partnerships for biodiversity research.