Corporate Membership and Support

Your company can support the National Botanic Garden of Wales in a number of ways. We offer opportunities such as our corporate membership, bespoke partnerships and sponsorships to suit any collaboration.

If your business wants to help local wildlife and invest in education and the local community whilst contributing to a healthier environment, you will benefit from a relationship with the National Botanic Garden of Wales.  Supporting the National Botanic Garden of Wales invests not only in wildlife and wild places but your business too. It can boost your brand, help reduce colleague stress, demonstrate to stakeholders your commitment to the environment and engage new audiences and customers. You will become part of a cohort of like-minded businesses that are helping to protect plants and restore wild places.

Here are just a few ways in which you can help us deliver for plants and nature:

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership is a great first step in developing a lasting relationship with the National Botanic Garden of Wales. By joining us, your business will play a part in our vision for a world that values biodiversity, protects plants and the planet.

Click here to see our corporate membership brochure, which details all our member benefits and current pricing.

Corporate Social Responsibility

More and more companies are looking to improve their environmental credentials, as well as create ways to improve staff well-being. As one of Wales’ most iconic environmental charities, we offer an opportunity for like minded companies to play a part in the wide variety of activities that are helping create a sustainable future for plants, pollinators and natural spaces. The garden already has a cohort of more than 200 regular volunteers, and is creating a wide range of new opportunities for people to get involved as it diversifies its offer and opens up more of its estate for public enjoyment.

Sponsorship & Partnerships

The Garden hosts some of the biggest events in Carmarthenshire and beyond. As a national institution, we are home to some of the rarest plants on the planet and receive thousands of visitors each year. Some of our features are landmarks for Wales, which together comprise a harmonious blend of the old and the new. Opportunities exist for partnering with some of our exclusive events, naming rights and other associated branding opportunities.

Other key activities include a thriving education and apprenticeship programme, conservation work and scientific research programmes. We are always eager to involve local and national companies in providing support to help us to deliver on some of our key educational and community programmes. This would enable more children and adults to take part in new conservation activities, as well as the potential of more ground breaking and world leading research.

Corporate hospitality, team away-days and more

The Garden already has a suite of facilities that offer a tranquil, rural setting for formal and informal corporate development, conferencing, “out of the box” thinking, all away from the day-to-day duties of the office or workplace. Onsite catering is available and can include corporate client hospitality in the setting of the stunning Great Glasshouse. Bespoke corporate away days can be developed to suit your needs.

Click here to see our corporate facilities available for hire.

If you are interested in any of the opportunities outlined above, or would like to have your name associated with the Garden, in a small or large way, we would be happy to talk to you about ideas. You can email our Fundraising and Development Manager at  for more information.