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    Unite and Prosper! by Lynda Christie

    Solving the problem of a queen-less colony We always need to have a reason for opening and disturbing the bees. The main aim this week is to assess if colonies need to be given more boxes, to process the nectar flow and make honey stores. If we already know that the colony is ‘queen right’ […]

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    Farming and Wildlife in May by Peter Beeden

    FARMING AND WILDLIFE IN MAY in the Botanic Garden THE ESTATE FARM:  As described in May 2018, the Botanic Garden covers about 568 acres, of which farmland is 316 acres including 100 acres of woodland.  There are 25 head of pedigree Welsh Black beef cows and 30 non-pedigree Balwen ewes and their 35 lambs, with […]

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    The tameness of robins and squirrels

    If you have previously visited the Garden, not only will you have noticed the array of beautiful flowers on display but, amid those blooms there are often robins and squirrels to be found playfully poised. Through becoming regular sighted residents of the National Botanic Garden of Wales, these squirrels and birds have become increasingly tame […]

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    Aerial photography videos

    Watch videos of Toby and the flight over the Garden

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    Flying High

    Aerial photography of the historic parkland

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    Family history on Adams memorial

    Volunteers in the Middelton: Paradise Regained History Research Group find memorial to Edward Adams in Llanarthne church

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