A world that values biodiversity, protects plants and the planet.


The National Botanic Garden of Wales is dedicated to the research and conservation of biodiversity, to sustainability, lifelong learning and the enjoyment of the visitor.


We will:

  1. Contribute to the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales for future generations.
  2. Advocate for and champion environmental conservation and sustainable practices.
  3. Promote and develop biodiversity conservation in Wales and internationally, through partnerships and in consultation with national and international organisations.
  4. Strive to communicate and engage with a wide diversity of audiences.
  5. Through internationally recognised accreditation (e.g. BGCI) demonstrate implementation of the highest standards of research and conservation practice.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Be an internationally renowned centre for biodiversity conservation and research.
  2. Develop and maintain the horticultural and other collections to the highest curatorial and presentational standards.
  3. Deliver inspirational informal and accredited education and training in horticulture, plant sciences, conservation, ecology, sustainability, and related STEM subjects, to all ages and abilities, to promote a greater understanding of the importance of the environment in our sustainable future.
  4. Be a successful visitor destination of international standing that contributes to the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales.
  5. As an iconic Welsh institution, contribute to promoting the status and recognition of Wales at an international level.
  6. Continue to build and secure a financially sustainable organisation to maximise delivery of the core mission activity of the Botanic Garden.

Enabling Objectives

Effective and efficient management of resources to develop our people, infrastructure, scientific research, horticulture collections and commercial activity on a sustainable basis.