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    Autumn Berry Guide

    Autumn is harvest time, when the fruits of nature provide colour in the hedgerows as the leaves begin to fall from the trees.

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    Autumn Colours

    Autumn can be the most beautiful season of all with the landscape changing colour from green to a whole spectrum of oranges, reds and yellows! But why do leaves change colour and fall in autumn?

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    Gardening your way to a healthier lifestyle

    Is gardening good for your health?

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    Live Well Growers – Clive’s First Blog

    Attending the growers group makes me feel happy and relaxed, improving my well-being

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    Beekeeping Blog: Going into Autumn

    It’s definitely starting to feel autumnal, there are misty starts to the day followed by bright sunshine and the odd shower in between.

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    Spreading Bellflower – What we Found

    The past month has been spent surveying for the critically endangered Spreading Bellflower which has been declining steadily in England and Wales since the turn of the 19th century. Find out more about what we discovered!

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