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    Conservation Volunteers Observations

    We spotted a single goldcrest foraging on the ivy of one of the trees in the wooded border on the left of the lane as we approached the fence into North Lodge wood

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    Community effort helps revive a rich history

    December was an exciting month for our orchard development project!

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    A Botanic Garden Tree Diary

    Botanic Garden volunteers have created a year-round diary of the life of 16 trees across the site’s 160ha. Now in their fifth year, here is the first diary from 2019.

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    Live Well Growers – the reflections of Jo

    A really big thankyou to Luminate who invited the Live Well Growers to Luminate

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    The Flowerpot Podcast – the one with Director Dr. Lucy Sutherland

    The new Director of the National Botanic Garden of Wales, Dr. Lucy Sutherland, provides a fascinating perspective on the changing role of botanic gardens across the world

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    Moth Recording 2022 – Conservation Volunteers

    For the past nine years a small group of volunteers from within the Conservation Group, working as a team identify and record moth species found at the Garden

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