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    Great Glasshouse Tree Species Used to Create Covid-19 Vaccine

    In the Chilean section of our Great Glasshouse, a very modest looking tree is the same species as the one that will soon be playing a big part in protecting Europe from the coronavirus over the next few years

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    Butterflies in Winter

    As summer draws to a close, there is still an abundance of butterflies here at the Botanic Garden, making the most of the late-flowering plants gain enough energy to survive the winter. But have you ever wondered what butterflies actually do in winter – where do they all go?  Butterflies are ectothermic, meaning that they […]

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    Exciting start for our wildlife hub

    This summer, Tadorna Tours have been running a series of wildlife events around the Botanic Garden to entertain our visitors. Their family and engagement officer, Tara Crank tells us about some of the exciting finds they’ve made . . .

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    Remember a Charity Week

    What will be your legacy?

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    Live Well Growers – Pizza time

    Our first planting of the year is a pizza bed of tomatoes, onion, basil, rocket and of course the very hard to grow and seldom seen buffalo mozzarella cheese plants!

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    Creeping curiosities – Welwitschia mirabilis

    Our new head of the Great Glasshouse has been given three batches of precious seeds, one batch has germinated which is incredibly exciting for our team.

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