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    Cultural Heritage Apprentice

    Your chance to work and learn at one of the fastest growing visitor destinations in Wales

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    Mapping Middleton – the search is on

    We have been searching local archives as well as the National Library for documents that will help us to understand the changing fortunes of the estate.  We have yet to find any estate maps to help us with our understanding, but do have one map from the 1824 sale catalogue that has helped us visualise the estate at that time.

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    Why I volunteer

    The Regency Restoration Project history research group started in 2015 and here Hannah Jones talks about why she joined and what she’s been doing.

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    Plant names and their practicalities

    I’m Kevin McGinn and I’ve recently joined the Botanic Garden as Science Officer in the Growing the Future team. One of our aims is to get more people in Wales growing and appreciating plants, but would-be growers are sometimes scared off by the use of complicated Latin (scientific) plant names. Admittedly, one look at a tongue-twisting […]

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    A Tribute to Rob Jolliffe

    A tribute to the Garden’s retiring Head of Trustees, Rob Jolliffe

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    Conserving woodland structure

    Managing the Woodlands Thinning is an important element of woodland management, it allows light to reach the forest floor, encouraging a more diverse ground flora and allowing small trees and coppice regeneration to establish a varied understory. Those trees which are left are able to extend their canopies and develop into larger trees. Our dormice […]

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