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    Sir William Paxton and the world’s first passenger railway

    One of the Regency Restoration Project’s volunteer history researchers explains Sir William Paxton’s links with the world’s first passenger railway

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    Butterflies Attract the Crowds

    The Postman, Mormons, Sara Longwing and Julia have been attracting a lot of interest in the Garden.

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    Carmarthenshire Outdoor Schools: Year 2

    After the success of the first year of Carmarthenshire Outdoor Schools we have opened the scheme to other schools in the county and we have 8 schools that are looking to get involved in the 2016/17 academic year! These schools have been invited to meet with our pilot schools that will now be acting as…

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    Little Miss Tiggy: A Year in the Garden

    Join Little Miss Tiggy on her Journey though A Year in the Garden

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    Sir William Vaughan : The Colonisation of Newfoundland

    Further consideration of Sir William Vaughan, neighbour and contemporary of Henry Middleton of Middleton Hall, and his exploits in Newfoundland

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    The disappearance of the old mansion

    The Middleton Estate passed from the Middleton Family into the Gwyn Family, the old Middleton Hall mansion was abandoned, and William Paxton conceived his vision of a new Middleton Hall on a new site, with landscaped gardens and lakes…..

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