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    Our Autumn Regency Ball

    A chance to fall in love and dance the night away; the ball of the Regency era was the pinnacle of high society. We here at the Regency Restoration Project believed that hosting a Regency style ball in our very own Regency building, Principality House would be a brilliant experience for our visitors, and we’re […]

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    Vernon Lee and the Middleton Estate

    Born in 1856, Vernon Lee, aka Violet Paget (d. 1935), was a Victorian writer whose writings spanned a variety of subjects including art, emotion, aesthetic, travelling and, the supernatural. She was well known during the late 1800s and early 1900s, but fell out of fashion due to her pacifist views. However her works were re-discovered […]

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    Otters in action in the Garden

    Our otters are TV stars – thanks to film cameraman Richard Hopkins

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    Growing the Future Newsletter – October 9

    The latest news and information from the Growing the Future project’s weekly newsletter

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    Plant Focus: Euonymus alatus ‘Compactus’

    Each year I look out for the Euonymus to change colour, its vibrant red leaves, shouting that the season is changing and to get ready!

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    Plant Focus: Alchemilla mollis

    A little plant that you would likely walk past for most of the year is covered in jewels of water in wet conditions. Sprays of yellow flowers poke up through the foliage and just add to the display.

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