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    Meet the Organiser of Gardd Lles / Well-being Garden Weekend

    Improve your well-being in the company of Faye Watson

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    Basil the Eastern Barred Bandicoot

    A new creature has arrived found a home the Great Glasshouse

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  3. Garden blogs

    A Rare Film Festival of Rare Welsh Plants and Fungi

    6 new short films have been made about rare plants and fungi in Wales – view them here.

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    A Gathering of Pollinating Artists

    A fascinating exhibition about pollinators is coming to the Garden this summer

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  5. Garden blogs

    Fascination of Plants Day 7: Royal Fern

    Royal fern evolved on the supercontinent Gondwanaland before there were any flowering plants, bees, ants and birds.

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    Bargain Hunt for Henbane

    I’ve just pieced together a link between the murderer Dr Crippen and our Apothecary’s Hall

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