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    The ‘Circus Stone’

    This is the story of an intriguing stone, with a mysterious inscription. It is also the story of a local man – Terry Treharne, who recognised the link between the stone and the long history of the Middleton Estate – now home to Wales’ National Botanic Garden

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    Pruning Workshop · Apprentice Blog

    We were invited to attend an apple tree winter pruning workshop at Cui Parc, where Richard who maintains the orchards there would be teaching us.

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    Orchards at the core of Welsh apples

    Discover more about apples and orchards in this blog by science placement student Remy Wood.

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    Reclaiming the Past

    An Exhibition using old materials to create historic fashions!

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    Flowerpot Podcast – The One with heritage interpreter William Sims

    William talks about the challenges of interpreting the heritage of the Middleton Estate, now the site of the Botanic Garden. He also talks about how he’s reached out to audiences that wouldn’t normally think about coming to a botanic garden.

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    Flowerpot Podcast – The One with landscape archaeologist Helen Whitear

    Bruce Langridge chats to Helen Whitear about ‘Dyffryn Twyi – Hanes Tirwedd Ein Bro’, a project to help conserve the cultural and natural heritage of the Tywi Valley in Carmarthenshire

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