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    Meadow Seed For Sale

    At a cost of £100 per kg, seed is available each year for organisations or individuals in South Wales wishing to create their own meadows. The income stream from these sales helps to fund the Botanic Garden’s charitable work

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    How can gardeners stop the spread of invasive species?

    Tomos Jones introduces invasive species, and the steps gardeners can take to stope their spread and impacts on nature.

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    I have never been happier

    Hi, I’m Zoe and a year ago I couldn’t have imagined I would be an apprentice working at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. Life has changed a lot!

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    Fungi models having holiday in Dinefwr Park

    If you ever visited the From Another Kingdom exhibition here at the Botanic Garden’s Great Glasshouse, you’ll likely remember the beautiful ceramic fungi models

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    A Botanic Garden Tree Diary

    Botanic Garden volunteers have created a year-round diary of the life of 16 trees across the site’s 160ha. Now in their fifth year, here is the first diary from 2019.

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    Flowerpot Podcast – the one with artist Caroline Vitzthum

    Austrian artist Caroline Vitzthum talks about she is been inspired by her study of Sphagnum mosses in the Garden’s herbarium

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