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    Mystery Hakea!

    At the National Botanic Garden of Wales, we pride ourselves in our plant collection. It makes us different to a display garden and other public gardens in the surrounding area.

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    A postcard from down under

    A postcard from Matt Bryant on an RHS and Mediterranean Plants and Garden Society funded work placement in Western Australia.

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    Eden Project Placement Week

    The Eden Project was my first choice of placement because it has unique large biomes, and I was interested to see the ways in which they were both similar and different from our own Great Glasshouse.

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    Visit of the British Pteridological Society to the National Botanic Garden of Wales

    We are developing a fern collection and asked the British Pteridological Society to come and give us advice

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    Cardiff Council Work Placement

    Going to Cardiff for a work placement was interesting because of how different gardens in the middle of a city are compared to here at the National Botanic Garden of Wales because we’re in the countryside.

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    Mycorrhizal fungi in a wildflower meadow

    Raphaella Hull, a visiting PhD student from the University of Cambridge, explains how important fungi in soils can be in establishing species-rich meadows

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