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    From Chainsaws to Charcoal

    We are very lucky here at the Garden to have some amazing supporters. The Patsy Wood Trust, established according to wishes of maverick tree planter and inspirational environmentalist, Patsy Wood, provided the funds to purchase our Exeter Retort, as well as supporting the replanting of our historic parkland tree clumps. This mobile retort provides the […]

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    Farming and Wildlife in March by Peter Beeden

    THE ESTATE FARM:  As described in May 2018, the Botanic Garden covers about 568 acres of which farmland is 316 acres including 100 acres of woodland.  There are 25 head of pedigree Welsh Black beef cows and 30 non-pedigree Balwen ewes and their 35 lambs, with the permanent and flower-rich grassland of the Waun Las […]

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    Meet a Giant Stick Insect (and other creepy-crawlies)

    Meet a Giant Stick Insect (and other creepy-crawlies) this half-term

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    Re-imagining the Whitebeam Grove: Part 3

    Three weeks after the first tree was dug up from the Whitebeam Grove, we’re finished! The final tree (a little Sorbus aria, the most widespread whitebeam in the UK) was planted on Friday, completing the planting stage of the redesign. We’ve just managed to squeak the trees in on time, as spring will soon be […]

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    Re-imagining the Whitebeam Grove: Part 2

    The weather has really been against us this past week-and-a-bit. After the trees were dug up, we had only enough time to wrap their roots in warm felt blankets and stack them in a huddle (with our arboriculturist Tom comparing them to emperor penguins) before the frost and snow of last week hit. It’s been […]

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    The start of a long-term tree study

    The Garden’s conservation volunteers are branching out

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