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    A wildlife haven. . . in the middle of an industrial estate?

    A few weeks ago the apprentices headed out to Cae Pobl in Cross Hands with Dr Kevin McGinn to try and help boost biodiversity in a predominantly industrial setting.

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    Conservation Volunteers’ Observations – toadpoles, orange tip butterflies and oak tree flowers

    We walked up the river from the spa water bath but no sign of the Flycatchers yet but a good view of a pair of Dippers mating just down from the waterfall

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    Meadow Seed For Sale

    At a cost of £100 per kg, seed is available each year for organisations or individuals in South Wales wishing to create their own meadows. The income stream from these sales helps to fund the Botanic Garden’s charitable work

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    Spring Bee Update

    The winter period has been a strange one! With long periods of mild weather in January and February, followed by a very wet March, it has not been great for the bees.

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    Conservation Volunteers’ Observations – wolf spiders and lizards

    Wolf Spiders in Cae Trawscoed. An average of 5 Spiders seen on every step taken

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    Conservation Volunteers’ Observations – diving mallards, flowering hazel and a Hebrew Character

    We were most intrigued to see a pair of Mallards diving.   This is very unusual according to Google

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