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    Gardening your way to a healthier lifestyle

    Is gardening good for your health?

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    Remember a Charity Week

    What will be your legacy?

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    Live Well Growers – Pizza time

    Our first planting of the year is a pizza bed of tomatoes, onion, basil, rocket and of course the very hard to grow and seldom seen buffalo mozzarella cheese plants!

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    A Hint of Orange

    If you’ve been through the Boulder Garden at all this summer then you may have noticed our California Poppies making a splash. You’ll find them in the large, round bed right next to the Western entrance of the Great Glasshouse. Last year, half of this bed had to be thoroughly dug over and, by spring, […]

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    Flowerpot Podcast – The One with Will Ritchie

    I’ve begun a series of podcasts to help our visitors and even ourselves to understand what makes a garden a ‘botanic’ garden.

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    Live Well Growers – Carl

    This group really helps me to get back my confidence and carry on in life.

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