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    Our Garden Horticulturists – Dawn Moore

    National botanic gardens need up-to-date accessible plant records – our Plant Records Officer is Dawn Moore.

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    Our Garden Horticulturists – Martin Knowles

    Meet our longest-serving horticulturist

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    Keep fit in the fresh air and beautiful surroundings

    Have buggy, will travel. Why not join our happy band of Buggy Runners – every Tuesday at 10.30am Lisa Evans is the leader of our Buggy Running group which is proving a big hit with parents and their children. Here she talks about the inspiration, motivation, natural endorphins and good company that taking part can […]

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    Silent Space

    Whisper to your friends and family, ‘there’s a new Silent Space at the Botanic Garden’. 

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    Meet the organisers of the art therapy workshop

    We look forward to welcoming you on Sunday the 26th May

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    Meet the Personal Trainer Joel Meredith

    Joel will be with us on Monday 27th of May on “Healthy Body” Day.

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