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    Butterflies and Lakes

    Last week we set out with the intention of monitoring Butterflies, as part of the Big Butterfly Count.  However, although the weather was still quite warm and humid, it was dull and not only were there almost no Butterflies around – we saw one White in the Double-Walled Garden – but there very few other […]

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    Pollinating Insects, Orchid Counting and Bats

    This week we were pleased to welcome students, Lee, Chris, Shania and Sian from Swansea Metropolitan University, a new Garden Volunteer, Hannah Jones, and a student from Aberyswyth University, Simon Jones.  The previous Friday Howard, Michael and Simon had started on the Butterfly Orchid count.  But they had found so many that they had run out […]

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    Recording Wildlife

    Although the temperature has still not done much more than get back up to the mean for the time of year, many plants are finally responding.  Plants love CO2. With most greenhouse crops, net photosynthesis increases by about 50% as CO2 levels rise from about 340 to 1,000 ppm. So perhaps one reason why Spring has seemed to be getting […]

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    Curator’s Blog – mid-April 2013

    Well slowly but surely  things are warming up, buds are finally swelling and in the space of a few days a new found greenness is becoming apparent. Bare looking beds are starting to show signs of life and herbaceous perennials awaken from slumber. Last year we started identifying plants from our borders and beds that […]

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    Signs of Spring – at last!

    This week we were faced with a howling gale – well, it was very windy – but at least 10 degrees warmer than all of our previous walks, and still dry.  Although Jan and Keith were not able to join us, we were very glad to welcome Marigold Oakley.  As well as being a Garden volunteer […]

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    Hunting for Hares

    The combination of the continued low temperatures – the first week in April was colder than March – and dry weather has meant that most plants have remained in a state of suspended animation and the grasses have become increasingly brown. So we had few expectations as to what we might find on our weekly walk. But four years ago […]

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