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    Virtual Reality Tour of Paxton’s Mansion

    Virtual Reality Tour of Paxton’s Mansion Experience Middleton Hall like never before The new Middleton Hall was commissioned by Sir William Paxton and built 1793 – 1795. One of the greatest tragedies of Middleton Estate is the burning down of Paxton’s New Middleton Hall in 1931. The mansion was all but gutted, with only some […]

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    The Fortunes of The Nabobs by Fiona Spear

    by Fiona Spear, member of the History Research Group  William Paxton is often described as a nabob. Not the most flattering of descriptions, the term nabob was used to describe ex-East India Company (EIC) servants, from modest backgrounds, who returned home to Britain very rich. The word had a pejorative connotation to it. Nabob was […]

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    Paxton & Agency Houses by Fiona Spear

    What Was An Agency House? by Fiona Spear, History Research Group William Paxton was a talented entrepreneur. He made his initial fortune running an agency house, Paxton, Cockerell and Trail, in Calcutta. By the late 18th Century, the British Government became increasingly concerned about corruption in The East India Company (EIC). Consequently, after The India […]

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    ‘Charles Cockerell – Paxton’s Business Partner’ by Fiona Spear

    Charles Cockerell (1755-1837) Paxton’s Business Partner. William Paxton and Charles Cockerell both had an eye for making money. Their collaboration made their agency house one of the most successful businesses in India in the late 18th Century. Charles Cockerell arrived in India in 1776 as a writer in the Surveyors Office in Bengal. He quickly […]

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    Middleton Memories

    In May of this year, to coincide with Local History Month, the Regency Restoration Project , in conjunction with People’s Collection Wales ran a month long event to capture  lots more stories and memories of those who used to live and work on the Middleton Hall Estate during the 1930s – 1990s. This built on […]

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    Rhagfyr – before the shortest day

    Jane Down reveals some surprising and forgotten festive traditions of Wales and beyond

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