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    The Stitching Botanicals’ Secret Garden

    Here at the Garden (the definite article, you might say), we’ve got quite a few different ‘gardens’. The Double Walled Garden, the Japanese Garden, the Apothecary’s Garden… and now we have a Secret Garden.

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    Plas Pilipala: our Glasswings

    We’ve had the butterflies populating Plas Pilipala since the start of July, and they’ve already gone through one cycle of egg laying, to caterpillars, to pupa, and back to butterflies.

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    Butterflies Attract the Crowds

    The Postman, Mormons, Sara Longwing and Julia have been attracting a lot of interest in the Garden.

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    Diary of a Science Work Experience Student

    I’m Jenn and this week I have been doing work experience at the Garden.

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    A botanical treasure – in black and white

    Stella Ross-Craig (1906-2006) was a botanist and artist whose Drawings of British Plants is a true botanical treasure trove.  No vivid colour here – this work is entirely made up of black and white line drawings, meticulously detailed, scientifically accurate …but with a haunting beauty all their own. Born in 1906 in Aldershot, but of […]

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    Family fun guaranteed

    Like anyone preparing for a scorching beach break, we’ve been working very hard on getting in shape for the summer season. We still offer dreamy lakeside strolls, as well as more serious walking across the estate and down into Pont Felin Gât to see the waterfall. The stunning plantings in the unique and historic Double Walled […]

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