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    Pollinator of the day #5 – Meadow brown (Maniola jurtina)

    One of our commonest butterflies, this species is often seen flying around Cae Trawscoed in high numbers on sunny days. The eyespot and orange patches on the forewing only are the distinctive features of this species, separating it from other brown butterflies. A range of grasses are eaten by this butterfly during its caterpillar stage, […]

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    The Tale of a Horticultural Apprentice

    So I’ve finally been released onto the Garden’s website, and here’s hoping I can get a few blog posts out before anyone notices! I’m the horticultural apprentice here at the National Botanic Garden of Wales- my name is Carly Green and I’m a plantaholic. I arrived at the garden the September before last, fresh from […]

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    Wonderful Wildflower Day

    I’m running Wales Wildflower Day this coming Sunday (June 26th).

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    Volunteer makes priceless contribution to Plas Pilipala

    With the preparation for the National Botanic Garden of Wales’ first ever butterfly attraction – Plas Pilipala, opening to the public on the 1st of July 2016 – it’s all hands on deck as our staff and volunteers prepare for the arrival of our first batch of butterfly pupae. As I write, our horticulture team […]

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