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    Where are all the bees?

    It’s December. The autumn colours have disappeared, the days are getting darker and long summer days seem a distant memory. Us humans prepare for winter by wrapping up warm and spending the majority of our time inside, but how do bees survive this harsh season?

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    The search for the ivy bee continues..

    The ivy bee (Colletes hederae) only graced our land as recently as 2001 when it was recorded in Dorset as a species new to Britain, having arrived from mainland Europe. Over the last few months I have been looking for it at the Garden…

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    All about Bee Hotels and how to make your own!

    Did you know that the majority of bees are queenless, don’t produce honey and don’t live in colonies or hives?

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    Plants for pollinators – creating pollinator friendly seed mixes for gardens and urban green spaces

    Meet Lucy Witter, one of our new PhD students creating pollinator friendly seed mixes at the Botanic Garden.

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    Introduction to our newest PhD student, Abigail Lowe!

    There are a lot of exciting things occurring up in the science department at the moment, with two PhD students starting recently amongst them. Here’s an introduction of one of our newest projects by Abigail Lowe, a student who is no stranger to the Garden.

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