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    Wildflower Highlights – Great Burnet

    This distinctively tall wildflower might be declining across Wales but it’s thriving on our Waun Las NNR.

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    Wildflower Highlights – Eyebright

    This small but beautiful plant helps to keep our meadows rich in wildflowers.

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  3. Garden blogs

    Grey willow has a romantic place in my heart

    Every now and again, a tree will do something magical to catch our attention

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  4. Garden blogs

    Fires in Australia – a Great Glasshouse Perspective

    A firey blooming shrub in the Great Glasshouse reminds us of the terrible fires ripping through Australia

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    Green hay experiment a spectacular success

    Making new orchid-rich meadows with green hay has been a spectacular success on our Waun Las NNR

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    Silent Space

    Whisper to your friends and family, ‘there’s a new Silent Space at the Botanic Garden’. 

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