Great Glasshouse

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    Fires in Australia – a Great Glasshouse Perspective

    A firey blooming shrub in the Great Glasshouse reminds us of the terrible fires ripping through Australia

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    The Great Glasshouse in Winter – South Africa

    As part of a series of blogposts looking at Great Glasshouse plants in flower in winter, we now take a look at flowers from the Cape Floristic Region of South Africa

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    It may be chilly in Chile but it looks wonderful

    The Chile section of the Great Glasshouse is blooming

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    Our Garden Horticulturists – James Kettle

    As part of a new series of blogs about our horticulturists, I thought it would be fun to give our featured gardeners a short questionnaire.

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    If it’s raining, explore the Great Glasshouse

    What can you see on a rainy day in December?

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    An apprentice’s year in the garden

    Garden horticulture apprentice Ben Wilde reflects on a challenging but enjoyable year.

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