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    Re-imagining the Whitebeam Grove: Part 3

    Three weeks after the first tree was dug up from the Whitebeam Grove, we’re finished! The final tree (a little Sorbus aria, the most widespread whitebeam in the UK) was planted on Friday, completing the planting stage of the redesign. We’ve just managed to squeak the trees in on time, as spring will soon be […]

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    Re-imagining the Whitebeam Grove: Part 2

    The weather has really been against us this past week-and-a-bit. After the trees were dug up, we had only enough time to wrap their roots in warm felt blankets and stack them in a huddle (with our arboriculturist Tom comparing them to emperor penguins) before the frost and snow of last week hit. It’s been […]

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    Re-imagining the Whitebeam Grove: Part 1

    One of the projects I’ve been looking forward to ever since I took over the Conserving Welsh Plants area was to re-vamp the collection of whitebeams planted opposite. This collection contains some of the rarest trees in the UK, but in recent years its needed a little TLC to better showcase these amazing plants. Whitebeams […]

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    Conserving Welsh Plants: the Revamp

    When you think of rare plants at the National Botanic Garden of Wales, where do you think you will find them? Maybe they’re steamy, exotic orchids blooming in Plas Pilipala. Perhaps they’ll be the enormous, alien-looking Proteas in the Great Glasshouse? I’m almost certain you aren’t thinking of the Welsh Cotoneaster, which is only found […]

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    Seed Collecting on the Great Orme

    The Welsh Natives Project has been really chugging along this year, and I can’t believe how much momentum we’ve gained since I took on the job of resurrecting it a year ago. At the beginning of October the Welsh minister for culture, tourism and sport paid a visit to the Welsh Natives compound to hear about […]

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    Carmarthenshire Outdoor Schools: Year 2

    After the success of the first year of Carmarthenshire Outdoor Schools we have opened the scheme to other schools in the county and we have 8 schools that are looking to get involved in the 2016/17 academic year! These schools have been invited to meet with our pilot schools that will now be acting as […]

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