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    Quantifying the number of specimens in our herbarium

    A room in our Science Centre houses a herbarium – a special collection of dried pressed plant specimens, each attached to a sheet of card. But how many specimens exactly? Well, the truth is that this was not known for sure until recently.

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    If it’s raining, explore the Great Glasshouse

    What can you see on a rainy day in December?

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    Farming and Wildlife in December

    FARMING AND WILDLIFE IN DECEMBER at the Botanic Garden THE ESTATE FARM: As described in May, the Botanic Garden covers about 568 acres of which farmland is 316 acres including 100 acres of woodland. There are 25 head of pedigree Welsh Black beef cows and 30 non-pedigree Balwen ewes and their 35 lambs, with the […]

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    An apprentice’s year in the garden

    Garden horticulture apprentice Ben Wilde reflects on a challenging but enjoyable year.

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    Conserving Welsh Plants: the Revamp

    When you think of rare plants at the National Botanic Garden of Wales, where do you think you will find them? Maybe they’re steamy, exotic orchids blooming in Plas Pilipala. Perhaps they’ll be the enormous, alien-looking Proteas in the Great Glasshouse? I’m almost certain you aren’t thinking of the Welsh Cotoneaster, which is only found […]

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    Getting to Know your Garden Fungi – Growing the Future

    Having been an Apprentice with the Regency Project at the Botanic Gardens for 8 weeks, I felt the need to explore new areas of our gardens. The variety within the garden is extensive with many different departments to have a look at. But, I quickly found myself taking up an interest in Fungi and Lichen […]

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