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    In search of Otters. . .

    Inspired by our search for hedgehogs (despite our initial troubles), I decided to try and catch on film a far more daring mammal – otters!

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    First Hedgehog!

    Industrial Year Science Student Placement, Remy, is on the lookout for Botanic Garden hedgehogs with some help from our volunteers. Here is what they have found so far – Blog 2 …

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    Mystery Hakea!

    At the National Botanic Garden of Wales, we pride ourselves in our plant collection. It makes us different to a display garden and other public gardens in the surrounding area.

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    A postcard from down under

    A postcard from Matt Bryant on an RHS and Mediterranean Plants and Garden Society funded work placement in Western Australia.

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    Growing with mycorrhizal fungi

    Making good soil is key to building resilience for the future. Here, I talk about the ways in which we can invite mycorrhizal fungi into our gardens and rebuild the soil, including methods that are being used here at the Botanic Garden

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    Visit of the British Pteridological Society to the National Botanic Garden of Wales

    We are developing a fern collection and asked the British Pteridological Society to come and give us advice

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