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    Conserving rare plants at the National Botanic Garden of Wales

    Alex Summers, our new head of the Great Glasshouse, has been introducing some exciting, rare plants into our collections.

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    Appreciating insects

    It’s Insect Week 2021! Running from the 21st to the 27th of June, Insect Week is run by the Royal Entomological Society to inspire people to learn about insects.

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    Exciting moth found at the Garden

    On the 4th of June, I was greeted by a Lime Hawk-moth (Mimas tiliae) in the trap. Catching and recording this moth was about to get even more exciting than I first thought though…

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    National Hedgerow Week at the National Botanic Garden of Wales

    Here at the National Botanic Garden of Wales, we are celebrating our hedges as part of the first-ever National Hedgerow Week!

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    Wildlife wonders in the woods and by the water

    Experienced ornithologist and skilled tour leader, Dan Rouse has a passion for all wildlife. Here, she shares her thoughts about a recent trip to see us and recce a route for her upcoming tours.

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    Ten species threatened with extinction – in one field on Waun Las National Nature Reserve

    Imagine a nature reserve with rare species equivalent to the European bison, Sumatran orangutang, snow leopard, polar bear, manatee, black colobus monkey, green sea turtle, giant armadillo, Masai giraffe and the dragon tree? We have one.

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