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    Another piece in the pollinator puzzle: New research reveals fascinating insights into the plants used by bees and hoverflies

    Our Science team’s latest research helps to improve plant recommendation lists by providing evidence of the plants used by bees and hoverflies through the year.

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    Plant recommendations from Botanic Garden research

    The Botanic Garden’s Science Team have been busy researching what plants are visited by pollinators. Their latest paper, published in the Journal of Applied Ecology, helps to improve our understanding of which plants are used across the season, and by which pollinators.

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    Flowerpot Podcast – The One with Dr Abigail Lowe

    Abi explains how the Botanic Garden was used to examine the links between flowering plants, pollen, hoverflies, bumble bees and solitary bees. She also talks about how her relationship with the Garden began while she was still at school.

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    Flowerpot Podcast – The One with Helen Whitear

    Bruce Langridge chats to Helen Whitear about ‘Dyffryn Twyi – Hanes Tirwedd Ein Bro’, a project to help conserve the cultural and natural heritage of the Tywi Valley in Carmarthenshire

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    BIOSCAN at the Botanic Garden

    Have you noticed one of the unusual tent structures set up in Cae Trawscoed or the Double Walled Garden? They are in fact Malaise traps, which are tent-like intercept traps to catch flying insects. Here, we set up two Malaise traps each month throughout the year to collect insects as part of the BIOSCAN project, run by the Wellcome-Sanger Institute.

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    Our Blooming Meadows are Booming

    In 2020 we started to collect and sell wildflower seed from our Waun Las National Nature Reserve hay meadows. This year we significantly increased the amount of wildflower seed that we harvested thanks to the joint effort of a great team of Botanic Garden staff

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