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    Harvest time for the Garden Apiaries.

    The End of August is harvest time for the Garden Apiaries. This year the yield is going to be lower than last year as during the most influential part of the season, the weather has been all over the place!

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    Feeding time for the bees

    On my daily dog walks by the river I have noticed much bee activity on the Himalayan Balsam.

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    In the bee garden this week

    The Hot and Humid weather this week makes for some pretty uncomfortable beekeeping in a full bee suit!

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    Top plant families for pollinators in August

    The National Botanic Garden of Wales is leading research using DNA barcoding to understand the foraging preferences of pollinating insects. Based on their results so far, we asked the Botanic Garden’s scientists to let us know some of the best plants to attract pollinators in August. Here are their top six plant families. Be sure to avoid double flowered varieties.

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    Pesky Wasps!

    The Bees are still foraging like mad whenever they get the chance. This week we noticed lots of different colours of pollen going in and the bees were very busy bees!

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    The sun is out but is there trouble in store?

    Botanic beekeeper Lynda Christie plots a treatment programme to boost the bees and help our hives

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