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    Victory and Disaster: Paxton aged 12 aboard HMS Thunderer

      We are familiar with the stories of Sir William Paxton’s later life – especially his time on the Middleton Estate and his creation of one of the most renowned Regency Landscapes of the time…but what about his life as a child? At the age of just 12, Paxton joined the Navy for the first […]

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    Farming and Wildlife in June 2019

    THE ESTATE FARM: As described in May 2019, the Botanic Garden covers about 568 acres, of which farmland is 316 acres including 100 acres of woodland. There are 18 pedigree Welsh Black beef cows, 9 of which have calved so far, 6 yearling steers and four 2-year olds. The 35 Balwen ewes have almost finished […]

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    Paxton and the Japanese Embassy

    We have just celebrated the re-opening of our beautiful, tranquil and inspiring Japanese Garden. The rains were held at bay whilst the Japanese Ambassador, H.E. Koji Tsuruoka officially opened our restored Japanese Garden on 4th June. But what has this to do with Sir William Paxton, the creator of the Garden’s Regency Waterpark estate? As […]

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    Farming and Wildlife in May by Peter Beeden

    FARMING AND WILDLIFE IN MAY in the Botanic Garden THE ESTATE FARM:  As described in May 2018, the Botanic Garden covers about 568 acres, of which farmland is 316 acres including 100 acres of woodland.  There are 25 head of pedigree Welsh Black beef cows and 30 non-pedigree Balwen ewes and their 35 lambs, with […]

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    Discover the Heritage Discovery Space

    The Discovery Space has been transformed! Come and find out more about the Regency Restoration Project! Enter our discovery space and discover how the project is progressing and learn about the new findings we have uncovered. Why did Paxton commission one of the finest Picturesque Regency Waterparks of the 18th century? Why does an estate […]

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    From Chainsaws to Charcoal

    We are very lucky here at the Garden to have some amazing supporters. The Patsy Wood Trust, established according to wishes of maverick tree planter and inspirational environmentalist, Patsy Wood, provided the funds to purchase our Exeter Retort, as well as supporting the replanting of our historic parkland tree clumps. This mobile retort provides the […]

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