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    Beekeeping Blog: Going into Autumn

    It’s definitely starting to feel autumnal, there are misty starts to the day followed by bright sunshine and the odd shower in between.

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    Spreading Bellflower – What we Found

    The past month has been spent surveying for the critically endangered Spreading Bellflower which has been declining steadily in England and Wales since the turn of the 19th century. Find out more about what we discovered!

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    Apprentice Blog: Harvesting Wildflower Seed with Rowan Moses

    Harvesting wildflower seeds from natural meadows was a kind of project that I’d never been involved in before, and it was very exciting to see the whole process from start to finish

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    Live Well Growers – Paula: It is my happy place.

    I absolutely adore coming to the garden. Although it is fatiguing for me, it is worth it.

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    Live Well Growers – Kevin and the Beanstalk

    Since I’ve been there it’s helped me by making me feel a lot better before I started going.

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    Great Glasshouse Tree Species Used to Create Covid-19 Vaccine

    In the Chilean section of our Great Glasshouse, a very modest looking tree is the same species as the one that will soon be playing a big part in protecting Europe from the coronavirus over the next few years

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