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    Welly Tuesday!

    Due to popular demand and because of the success of Welly Wednesday, our morning pre-school group, we are now offering an extra afternoon session on Tuesdays.

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    Re-imagining the Whitebeam Grove: Part 2

    The weather has really been against us this past week-and-a-bit. After the trees were dug up, we had only enough time to wrap their roots in warm felt blankets and stack them in a huddle (with our arboriculturist Tom comparing them to emperor penguins) before the frost and snow of last week hit. It’s been […]

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    Growing the Future Newsletter – February 6

    The latest news and information from the Growing the Future project

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    Newsletter – 5 February 2019

    Fun Filled February!

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    Archaeology as a mechanism for Social Change

    Recently, I hosted a session entitled Archaeology for Change at the annual Theoretical Archaeology Conference (TAG) which was this time hosted at the Roman town of Chester (where I excavated the amphitheatre many years ago!). The idea behind the session was to explore the concept of Change in Archaeology Can archaeology be used to bring […]

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    The start of a long-term tree study

    The Garden’s conservation volunteers are branching out

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