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    Bees’ Needs Week

    This week is the Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s Bees’ Needs Week and we are considering the needs of all bees and pollinators

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    Bee Garden Update: Happ-bee Bees!

    The bees are now enjoying the much awaited warmer weather that we have been enjoying this last week.

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    ‘It’s true, everything we do, we do it for Yew’

    Our Estate Team have been busy creating a new yew tree circle in our Arboretum.

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    National Hedgerow Week at the National Botanic Garden of Wales

    Here at the National Botanic Garden of Wales, we are celebrating our hedges as part of the first-ever National Hedgerow Week!

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    Bee Garden Update: What Has Happened to Spring?

    Like many beekeepers around the country, the beekeepers at the Botanic Garden have noticed the bees are struggling this spring.

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    Apprentice Blog – Glenn Pugh

    The garden is such a great place to work and learn.

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