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    Pruning Workshop · Apprentice Blog

    We were invited to attend an apple tree winter pruning workshop at Cui Parc, where Richard who maintains the orchards there would be teaching us.

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    Winter Bee Update

    We are fortunate within the Botanic Garden that due to the ongoing success of our beekeeping activities, we have been able to develop two apiary sites.

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    Conservation Volunteers Observations January 24th 2023

    Hellebores opening out in the bed opposite the Rock of Ages. Snowdrops on the banks of Springwoods.

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    Community effort helps revive a rich history

    December was an exciting month for our orchard development project!

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    A Botanic Garden Tree Diary

    Botanic Garden volunteers have created a year-round diary of the life of 16 trees across the site’s 160ha. Now in their fifth year, here is the first diary from 2019.

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    Where are the Hedgehogs?

    Industrial Year Science Student Placement, Remy, is on the lookout for Botanic Garden hedgehogs with some help from our volunteers. Here is what they have found so far. . .

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