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    Plant Focus: Alchemilla mollis

    A little plant that you would likely walk past for most of the year is covered in jewels of water in wet conditions. Sprays of yellow flowers poke up through the foliage and just add to the display.

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    Plant Focus: Verbena bonariensis

    With late season interest, a stunning skeletal form, and a lot of interest from pollinators, this plant ticks all the boxes!

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    Fire and Brimstones

    Whilst awaiting the installation of the bridge on Llyn Mawr, I was lucky enough to spot a bright yellow – male brimstone butterfly skipping between the knapweed. Brimstones, whilst not threatened, are a somewhat elusive species, rarely sighted in the Garden and usually in spring. Like many species, they are closely linked to their food […]

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    Farming and Wildlife in July 2019

    THE ESTATE FARM: As described in May 2019, the Botanic Garden covers about 568 acres, of which farmland is 316 acres including 100 acres of woodland. There are 18 pedigree Welsh Black beef cows all of which have calved so far and 6 yearling steers, four 2-year olds and some cull cows that were sold […]

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    Growing the Future Newsletter – August 21

    The latest news and information from the Growing the Future project’s weekly newsletter

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    Regency Hard Hat Tour Online

    An online tour for all those who are unable to see the work behind the scenes, or who have been unable to make it along to a hard hat tour. Enjoy!   Paxton’s Middleton Hall Beginning at the footprint we are able to explore Paxton’s Middleton Hall, with all the key features of its day, […]

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