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    Pollinator of the day #3 – Common carder bee (Bombus pascuorum)

    The common carder bee is one of our most common bumblebees, with its distinctive ginger hair making it different to the other common species. Two other carder bees are found in the UK which can be difficult to separate from the common carder bee, the moss carder bee and the brown-banded carder bee, although these […]

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    Pollinator of the day #2 – Orange-legged furrow bee (Halictus rubicundus)

    This small solitary bee has stripes of white hairs across its abdomen and orange legs. It is a frequent flower visitor, preferring plants in the daisy family such as thistles and knapweeds. The orange-legged furrow bee can be found in a range of habitats including gardens and grasslands. It is one of the few solitary […]

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    Pollinator of the day #1 – Five-spot burnet moth (Zygaena trifolii)

    Easily mistaken for a butterfly, this distinctive red and black moth flies during the day throughout July and August and can be seen in great numbers within our meadows this year. The striking colouration warns predators of the fact that they are poisonous, releasing hydrogen cyanide when attacked. The larvae feed on plants within the […]

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    Taking care on a rather blustery day

    Flaming June! Botanic Garden beekeeper Lynda Christie battles with the elements to make her mark

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    World Bee Day dawns to reveal thriving hives

    Botanic Garden beekeeper Lynda Christie sees bees enjoy a good return from high-value stocks . . .

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    A Bee Inspector calls . . .

    As part of the National Bee Unit (NBU) inspection programme, our regional Bee Inspector Maggie Gill is here with me today for an exotic pest inspection

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